So sad, but still it's a good thing he's off the streets.  Shawn Britton White, 39, was sentenced to 8 years in prison on charges of domestic battery and drug possession, both of which he pleaded guilty to.

White must serve at least half of his sentence before he will be eligible for parole.

Nampa police arrested White after it was discovered that he had physically abused and threatened his girlfriend multiple times.  According to the girlfriend, White would punch her in the back of the head so that no visible mark could be found and that he even threatened to kill her at knifepoint.  In addition, she told investigators that White would even threaten their son.  The woman told investigators that White would say things such as, ""If I can’t have [him], then no one will.  I will kill you both and then myself.”

Before White's arrest, two bags of marijuana and two glass methamphetamine pipes on his person.  As stated by the girlfriend, White had been smoking methamphetamine for weeks.

This isn't White's first brush with the law or domestic battery.  Apparently he had a felony conviction for domestic battery in 2012.

Prosecutor Bryan Taylor said in a press release, "domestic violence is an issue we take very seriously here in Canyon County and there is no place in our society for people who continue to batter and abuse women.  There is no doubt the community is safer with Mr. White behind bars."

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