It's prom season again! After a year off due to the pandemic, we're starting to see some schools get to have their proms again. Since everyone is talking about prom and showing off their dresses, The Bobby Bones Show shared their crazy and awkward prom stories from over 10/20 years ago.

Bobby shared that one of his year's he asked out a girl from his youth group, but the whole thing was pretty awkward. From the phone call asking her to their time at prom together. They showed up to prom early, and then Bobby didn't want to go to the after-prom party, so he took her home right after prom and was in bed by around 11 p.m.

Amy confessed that she never got asked to prom, which was a bit uncomfortable. She ended up asking her ex-boyfriend to go with her, he was a junior while she was a senior. She isn't sure what events caused her not to be asked, all she knew was all of her friends had been asked and she hadn't been. Besides not being asked, everything else was perfect with prom and she had a great time.

Eddie almost didn't get to go to prom because he was grounded from throwing a party at his house weeks before. His dad didn't want to let him go, but with the help of his mom and some begging, Eddie was able to attend. However, he wasn't able to go down to Mexico. A thing in his hometown was to go down to Mexico before prom to eat and drink since it was legal. Eddie disobeyed and went down to Mexico anyways because all of his friends went. His dad found out after Eddie ran into two of his Dad's best friends at the restaurant. Thankfully, Eddie still got to enjoy all of his prom before getting grounded again for another month.

Lunchbox was very clear that he never had any awkward or crazy moments with his prom because he won Prom King. He had the best time ever during prom since he was basically the center of attention. And he's mentioned before that it was the highlight of his life.

Morgan2 shared that she spent some of her senior prom in a tornado shelter. They were at prom when a tornado touched down in the area so everyone got rushed into the gym in their formal wear. They hung out in there for what seemed like forever before they were able to go back out and enjoy the last few hours of prom

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