The psychic came back on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about Bobby Bones future when it comes to his girlfriend, their life together, and his career moves.

Amy's cousin Amanda is a psychic and she's came on the show a few times to predict Bones life. So far she's done a really good job of predicting a lot of important milestones in 2020 for Bones. During today's call (July 16), Amanda predicted Bones next steps when it comes to marriage, children, and if he is moving to politics.

  • What is Bobby's overall vibe now? Energy feels consistent. He's in more of a flow state instead of a "checking box" state. He's much more receptive.
  • When will Bobby have kids? Maybe 2022. She said that maybe Bobby's significant other will get pregnant toward the end of 2021. And then 2022 will be a big year for him in terms of home and family. They both will change big time. He may make a big move.
  • What does she see happening professionally for Bobby? Things are definitely shifting and changing. This month is very empowering for him. Next month he might let go of some things in his life to pursue new paths. She she's him doing more producing and maybe stepping into an advocacy role to use his voice for change.
  • Is Bobby going to be the Governor of Arkansas? Yes and no. Not sure he will be governor, but he will have a political role. May be more of a Senator because he wants to be in The White House.

Even more than anything, Amanda said that his soul was really reaching out to her mentioning many times about a proposal. This means that a proposal could be in the near future for Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin.