Have you ever watched your pup jump in the mud, then roll around in it? Let's be real, you're probably thinking in your head "crrraaaaaapppppppp" but yet can't help but smile because they're just living their best life? Yeah, that's because playing in the mud is a LOT of fun. So I want to invite you to play in the mud with me at the 5th Annual 'Tater Dash' presented by Twin Oaks Farm. It's been called the best mud run in Idaho, and now you can experience it for yourself.

We want to get a big #WOW1043 group to tackle the 5.2 mile mud challenge together, and you're totally invited! Plus when you join the team you'll get 20% off your registration! So tell everyone about it and make sure you click the button below to register and be a part of team #WOW1043, not to mention score that great deal. Use code: WOW18 when registering!

WHAT: 5th Annual Tater Dash Mud Run

WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2018

WHERE: Twin Oaks Farm - Eagle, ID

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