As we all watch the clouds roll in, temperatures drop, and drizzle start up... know this.  It's about to get worse.  Yep, rain, snow, and cold temperatures are hitting the Treasure Valley tonight just in time for us all to stand in line at the Ford Idaho Center for Justin Moore.

I'm a big believer in things are what you make of them.  For those die hards willing to tough it out by showing up early to the WOW set up just outside the Ford Idaho Center and brave whatever conditions we have at that point, your chances at backstage meet-and-greet passes just got bigger.

Most show up as a late as possible, get inside as quick as possible, leaving you the best possible shot at the night of a lifetime.

About an inch of snow is expected to accumulate in the Treasure Valley overnight with two to four inches expected in the mountains which means our commute back from the concert may be a little dicey.  Please drive slow, safe, and defensively.  Now let's go do some Justin Moore!

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