Earlier this year Raymundo chose Bobby, Lunchbox, and Eddie as some of his groomsmen for his wedding in October. Lunchbox went with Raymundo to Las Vegas for his bachelor party a few weeks back, but Bobby and Eddie decided not to go due to the coronavirus pandemic and conditions being unsafe.

Fast forward to the July 4th weekend and everyone took separate vacations, including Eddie who went down to the beach in Florida with his wife. Over this last weekend, Raymundo was drinking and was upset about something with Eddie because he tweeted, "After long and much thought out discussion, Eddie is no longer a groomsman at my wedding. Currently looking for a replacement." Then Eddie replied with a questioning "WHAT??? Why? I need answers." And his fiancé confirmed that Raymundo was "15 white claws in and he's not serious." Raymundo followed up the Twitter drama with sobering tweet on Sunday sharing, "My sincerest apologies to Eddie, the spot is still yours. I was 12 claws deep and it seemed like you chose covid-bay in Florida over Vegas so I was butthurt. Then you posted a picture not practicing social distancing with a squirrel & it got on my last nerve. I’m sorry." Noting that he was bitter about Eddie going to Florida, but not going to Vegas for his bachelor party. Raymundo further confirmed that he was just bitter and drunk on The Bobby Bones Show today (July 13). In talking to Eddie on the show, Raymundo shared that he obviously still has his groomsman spot and he didn't really mean the tweet.