Raymundo and his fiancé Laura were dating for several years before they finally got engaged. During their time of dating, Raymundo got really close with Laura's family and vice versa.

Because of their closeness, Raymundo is very open about being himself and speaking to Laura's family as great friends. Laura's father, Raymundo's soon-to-be father-in-law, got some Playstation gifts for Raymundo's birthday. Since they weren't given in person, Raymundo needed to text her father a "thank you." When he texted Laura's father, Raymundo said to him "thank you for the gifts, pimp." When Raymundo uses the word "pimp," it's typically with his guy friends. He uses it as a slang term, meaning "good friend" or "bro."

However, Laura's father didn't know that "pimp" was used in slang terms and felt a bit offended when he received the text message from Raymundo. Now Raymundo has to apologize to his soon-to-be father-in-law via text message before the big wedding day so things aren't awkward.

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