Raymundo went on a fishing trip with his fiancé, Bobby Bones, and Bobby's girlfriend Caitlin. This trip is the first time Raymundo has fished in 20 something years. He said he used to go all the time when he was younger, but definitely not in his adult years.

On the fishing trip, Raymundo and his fiancé were sharing a rod. Their line caught a fish and Bones noted that they reeled it in together, which didn't go over so well. However, they managed to reel the fish in. Then Raymundo went to hold the fish to take a picture with it and he wasn't clamping down hard enough on the fish's lip so the fish started flopping. He started yelling "I've been quilled! I've been quilled!" And Bones told him that the fish isn't a porcupine. So then Raymundo starts yelling "I've been finned!" because some of the fish's blood was on Raymundo.

At this point, Raymundo is done with holding the fish and chucks it into the water, which wasn't a big deal because they were doing catch-and-release anyway. While telling this story, Bones couldn't stop laughing. He says watching Raymundo with the fish was pretty funny.