Raymundo was dubbed by Mike D as one of two people who went the hardest at his wedding to Kelsey over the weekend. He was the "life of the party" during the celebration with how hard he went not just because of the dancing but because of the alcohol.

During The Bobby Bones Show, Raymundo admitted that Saturday morning he consumed a lot of alcohol starting with penny refill mimosas. He continued the drinking throughout the day so by the time he arrived to Mike D's ceremony with a ride from Lunchbox and his wife, he was already intoxicated. During the wedding reception he consumed several beers thanks to the kegs that Mike D and his wife Kelsey provided. He was already wild during the beginning of the reception, but things went up a notch after the DJ started playing music for everyone to dance. Several of the show members shared moments of Raymundo at the wedding via their Instagram Story. But as Raymundo noted, he's happy those videos only stay up for 24 hours. Then Mike D added that pictures last forever. Raymundo admitted he was a bit embarrassed by it all, but he just wanted to celebrate Mike D's wedding and even in his drunken state he kept trying to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Bobby shared an interview with Raymundo the next morning after the wedding where Raymundo had to relive all of his crazy moments at the wedding and admit that he wouldn't do the same at Bones wedding coming up this summer.

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