Finally, someone on the show had to eat a chocolate covered cicada after they took several days to arrive at the studio.

The Bobby Bones Show has been talking about cicadas ever since Raymundo brought it up on air that they would takeover so bad and we would need to be prepared. The show found a local shop in the country that was making chocolate covered cicadas and naturally they decided to turn it into a segment where someone had to eat one. The chocolate covered cicadas arrived and the spinning wheel got brought into the studio. BobbyAmyLunchboxEddieRaymundo, and Scuba Steve were all placed on the wheel. Morgan and Mike D opted out for being vegetarian and vegan.

After spinning the wheel and people getting taken off, it was down to Bobby and Raymundo of who was going to have to eat the chocolate covered cicada. After an intense spin, Raymundo was the chosen one by the wheel to eat the chocolate covered cicada. He stepped up to the plate. When he took a bite everyone in the studio heard the crunch. Despite the initial grossness, Raymundo said it actually tasted good

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