On The Bobby Bones ShowBobby Bones gave Raymundo two options for the wedding present from him. Bones said he would gift Raymundo $100 to do with whatever he pleased, or he would gift Raymundo $250 that he has to use during his bachelor party weekend on a particular bet.

After some thinking and discussion with his fiancé, Raymundo decided to take the $250 from Bones and put it on red on Roulette when he first arrived in Las Vegas for his bachelor party. This past weekend, Raymundo's bachelor party went down. When he arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday night (June 25), he went straight to the Roulette table and put the $250 on red. Lunchbox live streamed the bet going down, and unfortunately Raymundo lost his $250 gamble.

There was some controversy around the bet as Lunchbox also made a bet on the same table, but instead of putting it on red, it was put on black.

See everything go down on the live stream.

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