Football fans across the country are gearing up for the upcoming NFL season and many of us are joining (or are going to join) the office fantasy league. It's a beautiful time of year when friendships are forged and relationships are tested; there's nothing like fantasy sports.

But is it legal?

To some degree, fantasy sports are legal, but as with anything, there are regulations. Idaho legislation doesn't specifically touch on sports betting but Article 3, Section 20 in Idaho does say that parimutuel betting violates Idaho law. For those who don't know, parimutuel betting is defined as:

A form of betting in which those backing the first three places divide the losers' stakes (less the operator's commission).

Basically, you're placing a bet along with several others and when the results are final, winnings are distributed among those with the correct picks and losers leaving empty-handed... sound familiar? If you're going to be playing in a league with money up for grabs with friends or coworkers, one could argue that you're essentially partaking in parimutuel betting.

What about daily fantasy sports?

Ironically, it was difficult for us to translate information with gambling sites being banned within our company - makes sense! That being said, we did rummage through and found on that if you're into FanDuel, Yahoo Daily Fantasy, or other daily sports fantasy apps, you're out of luck if you're living in Idaho as they have all been banned.

Still, it's important to know that if you're simply playing "for fun" around the office, you should have nothing to worry about. Which, let's be real, that's the only we all play in the first place, right?

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