Raymundo comes on The Bobby Bones Show and says a lot of things that show members tend to question. Mostly because he comes on the show with some pretty ridiculous stories, and other times because he says a lot of words that sometimes don't quite add up.

So today (September 17) the show brought on Raymundo's fiancé Laura to tell her side of the story on some recent stories Raymundo has shared with the show. This week on the show, Raymundo confessed that since he's been engaged, he gets hit on more. He went down to their apartment pool by himself to take a nap, while he was out there, some girls wanted him to party with them. Despite Raymundo saying no, they pushed and Raymundo ended up hanging out with them. That caused him to bring them up to their apartment to meet Laura and show them their place. While Laura was on the phone with Bobby Bones, she shared that his story is true, and despite his wild side, she fully trusts him not to do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

Also while on the phone, Laura shared that it is true Raymundo wants a really ridiculous wedding band. Raymundo has shared with us that he wants to get a wedding band that has diamonds, rather than the other popular plain ones out there. Laura added that when they went to the diamond store, Raymundo was looking at rings that look like super bowl rings. They were really gaudy and flashy. She said that she thinks they will end up compromising on the ring and he will get some diamonds, but is hoping it's not so flashy. Ultimately Laura said it's Raymundo's decision and he like's to be wild sometimes.