In honor of the 30th anniversary of her album Rumor Has ItReba McEntire is re-releasing the album today (September 11). She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to talk about the big anniversary, her thoughts on a 'Reba' reboot, and share some behind-the-scenes stories from her biggest shows.

Talking about her 30th anniversary, Reba shared with Bobby Bones that the year she put out Rumor Has It was the same year she had her son Shelby, who is 30 years old now. She noted that it feels like last week she put this album out, but time sure does fly. Reba talked about watching back the films from some of her concerts and she confessed that there's one show she wishes they were able to film. They were in Portland and had 10 dancers with Reba, and she had 15 costume changes. They were all set to film the concert, but a few shows before that she broke her leg skiing in Salt Lake City. Because of her skiing accident, they had to do the last 4 shows of that tour with her sitting on a stool, and utilizing a pulley system to get her back and forth for costume changes and to other stages in the arenas. One of the concerts Reba watched back was her show where she paid tribute to the band players she lost in the plane accident. She shared that as she watched it, she just sat there and bawled. She confessed that she misses them every day.

Reba's voluminous red hair is a very iconic part about her. She shared that during her tours, it would take them 2 hours each night to do "the Reba hair." They would put the hot rollers in her hair, Reba would do her own make-up, and then she would sit down with her hair stylist and play cards. They loved to play Double Solitaire or really any card game, so much so that sometimes Reba would get called to go on stage, and she would tell them she has to finish that hand first.

When talking about her most streamed songs like "Fancy," and "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia," Reba shared that she really loves doing covers because she just loves other peoples' songs and wishes to sing them. Her love for songs is what inspired her to release an album of all the songs she wish she would have recorded first called Starting Over in 1995. While talking about her albums, Reba shared something fans with autographs of Reba's will definitely love to hear. She will never let anyone sign an autograph for her, she always wants her fans to know that she touched that piece and it was signed by her. She won't even use autograph stamps, and laughed as she shared that none of her autographs look the same.

As for her other opportunities outside of music, Reba said she would never open a 'Reba Land' like Dolly Parton's Dollywood, but she is open to a bar on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. And on her TV Show 'Reba,' she said that the whole cast is all about doing anything they can to work together again. Everyone is on board for a special, a reboot, or really anything that comes their way.