I love love love when the community comes together to help one another. This time, the Red Cross is looking for some volunteers to save lives, no big deal. Check this out, they've partnered with Boise Fire Department, the United Way and the City of Boise to install fire detectors in homes. According to KTVB, the 200 or so volunteers will be putting in over 1,000 smoke alarms in 500 mobile homes in West Boise on April 27-28!

These are apparently high-risk homes; according to KTVB, the Regional CEO for the American Red Cross, Nicole Sirak Irwin, says "most people think you have five to six minutes or more to get out. You have two minutes. And in a mobile home it's less than that." Whoa! I NEVER knew you had so little time to get out during a fire, that is pretty scary.

So what will these volunteers be doing?

According to KTVB, they'll be going into homes in teams of three. “One person will install the alarm, one person will help them with the equipment and another with sit down with the resident and go over what risk that house hold might have, help them find an evacuation route and a rally point for their family.” If you're up for it you can CLICK HERE to sign up as a volunteer.

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