Seen an increase in your rent in the past year?  Or have you been looking for a new place and noticed the asking prices are more than they used to be.  Well, according to a report by, it makes sense you've been seeing that.

Seems that rent prices are up 3 percent in the Boise area versus what they were last year.  Looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment?  The average cost in the Boise area is now about $740.  Need a two-bedroom apartment?  The median cost for that in Boise is roughly $860.

Now before you get too down about that, keep in mind that compared to some other places in the country, we still have it pretty good here.  Just ask our neighbors over in Seattle. Looking to move there?  Well you're gonna be paying somewhere in that ballpark of $1650 for a one-bedroom and $2200 for a two-bedroom.

Still not feeling any better?  I'm sure people in San Francisco would cry to find out how much it costs to rent a place in Boise.  They have the highest rents in the country with an average of $3420 for a one bedroom and $4610 for a two bedroom.

So yeah, for everything we get living here in the Treasure Valley versus what it costs to live here, despite the increase, we still got a pretty sweet deal here :)