Have you ever accidentally hit 'Reply All' when it was only meant for one person?

Sent a text or photo to the wrong contact?

Maybe Siri herd you wrong and called or sent a message to the wrong person in your phone?

Admittedly I've had a quite a few of these fails, but the one that tipped this topic off was not one that I committed, instead it was a co-worker and I am totally calling him out. WOW Country is part of a bigger company called Townsquare Media. We were all scheduled for a company wide training series on bettering our production skills, i.e. creating commercials. Mark is our incredible Production King here in Boise and he is the co-creator of said training series along with Wade a production head out of Jersey. Wade meant to just send a message to Mark but accidentally hit the dreaded reply all button:

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Hey Mark.  Can we move that back a week? Kind of don’t wanna work on it on my week off and i’m thinking Tuesday isn’t going to be enough time to prepare along with the $h!t storm I’m probably walking into LOL. 

He used the real word though. After the horrifyingly realization of what he did, he sent a follow up email:

Sorry all, that was only meant for Mark. I'm sure you've all slightly dreaded the first day back from Vaca lol. Cheers!

Um... awkward. Poor guy I'm embarrassed for him.

I've had a mix up happen with Siri and texting before that was pretty embarrassing and it was recent. My man's name is Kris and my bosses name is Chris. I was driving from Portland back here to Boise and being the safety nut I am I asked Siri to send a text for me. Welp, she got the wrong 'Kris/Chris' and sent one that was meant for my man, to my boss. "Hey Handsome, I miss you already. On my way, cant wait for some lovins' (kissy face emoji)"

Good thing my boss Chris has a great sense of humor because damn was that embarrassing. I was red faced most of the drive back. Thank goodness I didn't say anything worse...

What about you? What tech mishaps have you encountered?


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