I have a few big fears, one being a home invasion, or home burglary while I am sleeping. This fear became very real for one Nampa resident. Early Monday morning just before 2am on Edgebrook Drive a resident was shot while protecting his home. There were multiple burglars trying to break into the mans home, when the homeowner confronted the suspects, the burglars fired shots and the homeowner victim was shot in the arm according to Idaho news. Nampa police were called to the scene and the resident, who became the shot victim was taken to the hospital and is being treated for his shot to the arm, a non life threatening injury.

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This particular crime is still being investigated by Nampa police and they need your help. If you saw anything or heard anything please reach out. Again this happened super late Sunday night into early Monday Morning, between 130am and 2am. Specifically in the Edgebrook neighborhood in the 7300 block of Edgebrook Drive. If you saw or heard anything please contact Det.Matt Richardson at 208-565-5137 or Cpl. Bryce Martin at 208-468-4486. You can also reach out the Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS or on the internet at 343COPS.com

Seriously the idea of someone breaking in while I am asleep and the most venerable freaks me out. Since this individual caught the suspects while they were in the act of breaking into the home but from what I am understanding from current reports they did not actually get into the home. My best guess is that the resident must have been up already or was woken up by the disturbance. If anyone tried to break into my house my dog Ani would definitely let us know. So at least I feel pretty safe with her around.


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