We're in Memphis scouting out one of the best places in the world!


Yes, we get to hang out with cool people like Trace Adkins, John Rich, and Charles Kelley, but that's nothing compared to the cool kids we're meeting here at St Jude's in Memphis.



Very soon we'll be doing our Radiothon to help bring money in for these kids with cancer.  Kids that are dying.  Kids that have nowhere to go and no way to pay.  St Jude takes care of all of these kids across the country.  Yes... that means our little Idahoans that need miracles get those miracles with St Jude.


We went to the hospital today and learned about every aspect of St Jude.  Our favorite room was the wall of art they have posted where the kids put together some incredible pictures.



In a few weeks we'll be asking you to help create a miracle for one child out there that needs help.  We don't know who that child is.  We don't know when or where it'll happen.  We just don't know... and maybe, that child will be your child.