The media and local authorities have put Rick and Carly under fire.  And they're dead serious!


If we move forward with the Rick and Carly Arena-Wiena Cross there will be public arrests made.  Apparently there was a state law put into place back in 1996 that prohibits any dog racing of any kind.  That includes dachshunds.  This was originally put into place to protect greyhounds who were being abused and used for gambling purposes.


We, here at WOW 104.3 had nothing but good intentions with Rick and Carly's Arena-Wiena Cross.  Good old family fun with some great people and their beautiful, little wiener dogs.  The run would've been thirty or forty feet and absolutely no wagering or any kind of abuse or mistreatment would be present.


With that said, we understand and respect our laws and more importantly, the safety of these animals.  Every WOW 104.3 employee is a dog owner, lover, and advocate and their safety and treatment is top priority.  Rick and Carly will address this with discussions and thoughts from listeners tomorrow morning on the air.

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