We live what most people dream about living when they go to work.  Our immaturity and carefree attitude gets us dirty looks, constant write-ups, and many, many sit down sessions in the boss' office.  Here's video of how we recently got in trouble at the office.

It's called "The Floor Is Lava."  You probably played it as a kid or at least thought of playing it.  Carly and I refuse to just not do things because we're old... we're adults... we're supposed to set an example and be mature.  Phooey on that!  I've been immature all my life and I'm not about to change that at 45 years old.

The concept of "The Floor Is Lava" is that whenever someone shouts out "The Floor Is Lava" you have to get off the ground.  At all cost!  Chris Cruise followed us around the office shouting out "The Floor Is Lava" and it was FUN!

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