I'm in tears as I watch my beautiful daughter bring this incredible child into the world hundreds of miles away from where I am.

The song "You Should Be Here" resonates with me as I watch my daughter Chelsea give birth through videos, texts, phone calls, and pictures.  Sometimes you just have to miss some of the greatest moments in life and today is one of those difficult days for me.  I want more than anything to be there for my little girl.  The girl we nicknamed Chellybug.  Who had this crazy, outgoing, larger than life personality and has now turned into a beautiful wife, mother and overall person that radiates fun, happiness, and just a pure love and joy for life.

My newest grandson, Ryder Colman Farnes was just born.  I'm literally getting pictures on my phone as I'm writing this.  He's 7 lbs 3 ounces and 21 inches long.  Here's a picture of the little guy with my daughter, his momma.

Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media

Ryder's big brother Emmerson is used to getting all the attention and is still pretty much a baby himself so it's going to be a bit of a rough transition for him but he'll get there and you can tell, he already loves his little brother.

Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media

I'll head out this weekend to see my grandson for the first time and even though I'm not there today, I'm definitely there in spirit.  All of my thoughts are with my daughter and her family this afternoon.  I remember when she was this little, and growing up, and all the wonderful things she did, said, and was.  I'm so excited to meet the newest edition to our family.  Can't wait to love on this kid!