Ridgeview High School's Brooks Wann is an 11th-grade honor student who was kicked out of school for a year back in February for allegedly bullying and sexually harassing a teammate in the locker room.

Wann says the stories flying around Nampa's school and now through the faculty have all been twisted into saying something happened that did not happen.  Wann and his family have hired on an attorney and are saying Wann has been denied his due process rights.

According to KTVB the suit was filed by Wann and his attorney towards the end of April.  They're asking the judge to put a temporary restraining order on the school district's one-year expulsion and grant a preliminary injunction. The decision to kick Wann out of school was based on a Snapchat video that a few students saw and that some teachers heard about. That video and any proof that came along with it no longer exists.

If you'd like to learn more about exactly what happened in that locker room, what charges have been filed by both sides, and specifics on details and facts, click HERE on the KTVB website.

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