Have you always wanted to live along the Boise River? You may soon have a chance to do so. According to the Idaho Statesman, a developer from Boise, Jayo Holdings, is proposing to build more than 300 condominiums along the Boise River near the downtown area.

The proposed plan would include five buildings with 304 condominiums off Americana Boulevard on the south side of the Boise River. According to the Statesman, the 7.4-acre property is found at 3600 Americana Terrace north of Kathryn Albertson Park and west of Ann Morrison Park.

The plan is to have four stories of living space, with some of the condos being single level and others having two floors. Will these buildings stand out like a sore thumb? According to the Statesman, a land use consultant says they'll blend it:

The design of the buildings is intended to be urban in nature, while softening the density of the project with elements of wood and landscaping in order to blend into the surrounding site

So how many pennies will you have to shell out to own some coveted property along the Boise River? Well, there's no specific prices quite yet. However, it looks like they will be pretty pricey. According to the Statesman, nearby one-bedroom condos go for around $370,000 to $520,000; two-bedroom units will cost you anywhere from $460,000 to $780,000. WHOA! So, I could imagine these new units along the river will cost you a pretty penny.

According to the Statesman, there will be around 137 one-bedroom condos and 167 two-bedroom units; with each building having two floors of parking. The proposal also includes plans to build exercise rooms, bicycle storage, household storage lockers, guest units, landscaped patios, gathering spaces, AND even a pool and a swim-up bar. That's not all!! The Statesman says there could be a potential for commercial space as well.

We'll keep you posted if this proposal is approved. In the meantime, you can check out what the proposed development would look like HERE.

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