Russell Dickerson is a new dad and he came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about all the life changes plus perform some of his big hits.

He admitted that he's always tired in his recent dad days, but thankfully he has always been a morning person. He shared that he lets his wife sleep in and he wakes up with their baby Remington because he knows she has to get up in the middle of the night often. Dickerson's morning routine is all about having "bro time" with Remington.

Besides being a new dad, Dickerson has been keeping busy with his career. Fans recently heard about the story with him and his fan Sarah. He shared some more behind the story of how they came together. He said he was tagged in a video of her dancing to his song "Home Sweet" while at the hospital. That's when he read her story and found out she was hit head on in a car crash and lost both of her legs. She had a goal to get out of the hospital in time to be wheeled out on her high school's 50-yard-line to do her and her cheer squad's planned "Home Sweet" dance. That's when Dickerson wanted to jump in to do something big for Sarah. He teamed up with Chevy, who was able to give her a 2021 Chevy Traverse that will be fitted for her new life. He said the experience was the highlight of his career.

In talking about his experience with Sarah, Dickerson also shared some stories about the beginning of his career. He told Bobby Bones that things weren't always simple as they are now. He said in 2010 and 2011 that he was paid around $250 to drive to places like Omaha, Nebraska to play in a dorm building and only the RAs, who had to be there, would show up. That was what a lot of his shows in the beginning were like. But he always would perform them all out with full bands and all.

Before leaving the show, Russell Dickerson performed his hits "Love You Like I Used To," "Blue Tacoma," and "Every Little Thing."

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