Want to take your little ones to see Santa's reindeer? They've landed in Boise!! Here's where you can see them. 

Three of the most beautiful reindeer you'll ever see can be found at Cloverdale Funeral Home and Cemetery in Boise. Prancer, Comet, and Cupid are there and they've brought a little goat from the North Pole that is actually therapeutic to the reindeer, funny enough! They don't like to be without their therapy goat, Molly!

According to Lynn Leigh of Cloverdale Funeral and Cemetery, Prancer is particularly great with children who have special needs.

According to idahonews.com, Prancer, Comet, and Cupid can be rented out for a small fee. They visit lots of schools, police departments, fire departments, and hospices.

With the reindeer's busy schedule it may be a little to catch them, but you are free to stop off at Cloverdale Funeral and Cemetery to see if you can experience a little bit of magic during this Christmas season.


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