While Bobby Bones was on TikTok one day, he was scrolling through his explore tab. He saw Sarahbeth Taite's performance on there and decided to duet with her, a popular trend on the app. That's what brought her to The Bobby Bones Show today (October 26).

Taite signed her first publishing deal 9 years ago, but moved to Nashville just 6 years ago from Fort Collins, Colorado. She first started coming down to Nashville at 14-years-old, but it wasn't until she was 17 that she actually made the move. In her TikTok video, she shared that she never had a record deal or a song on the radio, but she had just went viral on the app with one of her songs. Since the video went viral, she has gained a following of over 215K on TikTok. That's when Bones decided to do a duet with her, and ask her to come on his radio show.

When Bones did the duet video, Taite actually had her phone on do not disturb. After about 30 minutes, she picked up her phone to all kinds of messages. She had to gather herself, and put her phone down to cry when she first saw what Bones did. Then she replied back to his post. She confessed that coming on the show was one of her most favorite days in a long time.

Watch her first radio performance of "Long Way" below, plus check out her first ever radio interview above.

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