Scotty McCreery virtually came on The Bobby Bones Show as he's set to score another number 1 song with "In Between." Once his song hits number 1, it will be McCreery's third number 1 song following "5 More Minutes," and "This Is It." McCreery shared that "In Between" was actually written within the same week that he wrote "5 More Minutes."

During the interview, Bobby Bones asked McCreery if he's shaped up his home etiquette skills while being home in quarantine.

It was previously shared by McCreery's wife that he's really bad about leaving the toothpaste lid off and the toilet seat up. Now in their second year of marriage and months into quarantine, McCreery shared that he's gotten a little better because he's not constantly switching between home life and bus life. Not being on his tour bus all the time has helped McCreery "get better with his home etiquette."


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