A recent study showed that most people have at least one debit or credit card that they hide from their significant others. There was only one person on the show that admitted they are keeping this secret from their partner and it was Scuba Steve.

Scuba revealed that a few years back, his wife was helping him get to a good place with his credit. So they were working on his finances and she made a suggestion that sometime he should open a credit card to work on his score. Scuba took the loose suggestion and decided to open a credit card, but he never told her. He actually opened it so he could treat her to a big birthday celebration for her 30th birthday. Since then, he's brought a few Christmas gifts and a Valentine's Day gift for his wife on the card.

He has had the card for around 3 years now, but has yet to tell his wife that it exists. He says he's racked up a few thousand in charges on it.

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