Bobby Bones likes to challenge the show members sometimes on The Bobby Bones Show. On today's show (July 28) he asked if anyone wanted to participate in the Risky Coin Flip Challenge.

He would flip the coin, if it landed on heads, they would win $120 out of Bones pocket. If the coin landed on tails, the person would have to shave off one of their eyebrows. Our head producer Scuba Steve was the only one willing to participate. He decided to give himself best out of 3 tosses. The first toss landed on heads. Then the next two landed on tails. So ultimately Scuba lost the challenge, having to shave off one of his eyebrows.

He decided to do double or nothing. Best out of 3 again, but during the second time he would have to shave off both eyebrows if he lost, or if he won, he'd no longer have to shave off any. Scuba ended up losing again, so now he has to get both of his eyebrows shaved off tomorrow (July 29).

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