ring doorbell camera captured an exchange between a FedEx delivery driver and a fallen 89-year-old man.

The FedEx driver was caught on video refusing to assist an elderly man that asked him for help as the delivery driver showed up to deliver something.

In the video, you can hear the man ask the driver "Hello, help, please. I need to get up." And the driver is heard from a distance responding, "I can't do that boss."

Maria Kouches, the daughter of the elderly man and who owns the Ring camera that captured the footage, shared on Facebook that the driver didn't ring the doorbell or call 911. He just drove off after their short interaction.

Despite the incident, Kouches father is "doing fine" and wanted to "thank everyone for their concern." And since the video went viral, FedEx issued a statement with "thoughts and concerns" for the elderly man and noted that they're "reviewing the circumstances behind the incident and will be taking appropriate action."