A BIG step in the right direction for those looking to see HEMP legalized here in the state of Idaho.  According to KTVB, The Senate voted 32-3 today in favor of legalizing selling and growing hemp products in the Gem State.  Man feel this is a big win but the toughest battle is yet to come.  Experts say that the House will have trouble saying yes on this one.  Why is that?  The bottom line is people are still uneducated on the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Idaho has prohibited marijuana.  That's no secret to any of us.  I'll let you read a quote from Republican Sen. Jim Rice that explains why this is a problem for us.  He says...

The problem is, right now, our law doesn't differentiate.  Under our current code, hemp is marijuana.

We're seeing all sorts of issues here in Idaho because of this.  Truckers driving loads of hemp through Idaho to legal areas are getting pulled over and arrested.  Oregon is one of the top states in America for producing hemp and you can't get to most other places from Oregon without crossing into good ole Idaho.

Now I could go into a lot of legal mumbo jumbo that quite frankly, I don't understand but I won't.  I could throw out all the crazy positives Idaho would see by allowing hemp to be grown, distributed, and used in Idaho but I won't.  I could also throw out the negatives hemp brings in but I can't think of what those are.  So I won't.  I'm just tired of all the politics.  Can we not all agree that HEMP and MARIJUANA are two separate things and should be treated as such?  It's 2019.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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