Have you ever thought of traveling to all 50 states?

Recently, I came across an article by Ashley Nealy, who took on an epic challenge of visiting all 50 states in the U.S. and was thrilled to find that Idaho made it to her list of top twelve states, which she shared on BusinessInsider.com.

Ashley, an Atlanta native, completed this extraordinary journey in October 2022. With each state offering its unique experiences and attractions, it's fascinating that only twelve managed to truly capture her heart. And among these twelve, Idaho stood out for a rather delicious reason - french fries!

Yes, you read that right. Our state, renowned for its high-quality potatoes, left such a strong impression on Ashley, thanks to her love for this universally adored snack. It's a testament to the simple pleasures that often make travel memorable. In Ashley's case, savoring golden, crispy fries made from the freshest Idaho potatoes was one such pleasure.

Ashley went to Boise Fry Company.


Her journey brings to light an important aspect of travel that it is deeply personal. One person's memorable experience can vastly differ from another's. For Ashley, it wasn't just the scenic landscapes or popular tourist spots that defined her travel experiences. It was the states that offered unique experiences, like indulging in her favorite snack in Idaho, that left a lasting impression.

So here's to Idaho - a state that offers stunning landscapes and rich history and serves up some of the best french fries you'll ever taste. If you're a food lover planning your next trip, it's time to follow in Ashley's footsteps and discover what makes Idaho so special.

Happy travels, and remember, sometimes it's the simplest things, like a plate of delicious french fries, that make a place unforgettable.

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