Last week, Bobby Bones saw an International Market. It gave him the brilliant idea to have the International Market Challenge on The Bobby Bones Show.

For the challenge, the members on the show had to go to the International Market and purchase something for someone else on the show to eat. The only person on the show that had some restrictions was Morgan2 because she's vegetarian. Other than that, everyone could purchase whatever they want. The list of items include pig uterus, jelly fish head, quail eggs, dried squid, 100-year-old eggs, and fried sardines.

We drew names for who had to eat what and things went down like this:

  • Bobby bought Lunchbox Pig Uterus
  • Eddie bought Bobby Jelly Fish Head
  • Raymundo bought Eddie Quail Eggs
  • Morgan2 bought Amy Dried Squid
  • Lunchbox bought Morgan2 100-year-old Eggs
  • Amy bought Raymudo Fried Sardines

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