During yesterday's Post-ShowThe Bobby Bones Show was talking about Bobby Bones and his episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls. That TV show is all about doing some crazy things, so it inspired the show members to talk about the craziest things they had done in their lives. Majority of which ended up being things they had done on vacations.

Eddie brought the segment idea so he went first sharing about his deep sea fishing experience in Mexico. He was allowed to jump into the "deep sea ocean" they were riding in, and he felt terrified because he was in shark territory. Amy shared the time she went to Haiti with two of her girlfriends to see her two kids and they rode mountain bikes up to a school in the mountains. She admitted that at one point she closed her eyes, and just prayed they would make it. Lunchbox originally confessed that getting married was his craziest thing, then he shared on his honeymoon that they climbed Mt. Olympus. During their climb, they saw plaques of people who had died, and they never trained to climb such an intense mountain.

Raymundo confessed that his scariest moment was when he was a guinea pig for a cliff jump. He was in Costa Rica and he was the first one to jump over a waterfall unsure of what was underneath. Morgan2 shared that she went swimming with stingrays in the ocean. While her family was swimming with them and getting a chance to feed them, one of them bit her mother's finger and it was scary. Mike D admitted a time recently was crazy when he got pepper sprayed by Bobby just to find out how it felt. Hillary shared that she rode 'The Skycoaster' which pulls a person 110 feet in the air, and then drops you. It's a similar feeling to bungee jumping. Our phone screener Abby once hiked to the top of the highest mountain in New Mexico all during a lightning storm

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