The Bobby Bones Show often shares the driving flaws when it comes to members of the show. It was only appropriate that the show members finally had to take a driving test that would determine how great of drivers each of them actually are. BobbyAmyLunchboxEddieMorgan2, and Raymundo were all asked to take the driving test.

The show members had to answer 20 questions from a state driving test. Bobby and Lunchbox were the only two who actually got a 20/20 score on the test. Then Raymundo, Morgan, and Amy were next up with a score of 19/20 on the test. That put Eddie in last place with a score of 18/20 on his test. Since Eddie came in last and was dubbed the worst driver on the show, he now has to go through with the punishment set in place.

On tomorrow's show, Eddie will have to wash the feet of the 5 other show members that took the test.