If you're planning any road trips this summer, we ask you to consider exploring the wonderful state that is Utah. Everyone knows about the mountains and the beauty found in Utah, but it's also home to one of the smallest towns in the country.

Utah's tiniest town can fit inside a school bus

Can you imagine? Surely everyone knows everyone, right? People seem to make a decent living in Utah's tiniest town, with an average median household income of $86,014 according to BestNeighborhood.org.

We searched to see if we could find any homes for rent in the area but had no luck. Despite that, BestNeighborhood.org says that the average cost of rent in the area is around $1,294.

That sounds pretty good if you're stuck paying an egregious amount in the Gem State. Are we sold yet?

Utah's smallest town was once a coal mining town and unfortunately, one of the worst mining disasters took place just west of the town. It likely played a huge role in the decline of the town.

We can still see various buildings from its heyday around the town along with the railroad still running through.

Have you ever visited Utah's tiniest town? If you can't make the road trip, no worries - let's take a quick stroll through the town of Scofield, Utah.

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