Bobby Bones first appeared on Running Wild with Bear Grylls in early 2020.

Apparently he had some fun, because he went back for round 2 this year except this time with his fiancé Catilin. The two of them are the first couple to ever appear on Running Wild With Bear Grylls. After weeks of anticipation and sneak peaks, the show is set to air Monday, May 17th at 9/8 pm CT on National Geographic.

In Bones last sneak peak before the show airs, the couple can be seen shocked by what Grylls is trying to get them to do. They are having to rappel down a cliff, but Grylls is confident in a bush holding the couple. Meanwhile, Bones and Caitlin are not confident in the bush to get them down the cliff safely. Also in the sneak peak, the couple show a little PDA with a kiss and give a little hint about where they're at in Nevada, as they are both rocking some beanies.

Don't forget to tune in to watch their show live this coming Monday, May 17th at 9/8 pm CT on National Geographic!

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