Bobby Bones has spent the last several months filming for his first ever own TV show, BREAKING BOBBY BONES. The series premiere happened over Memorial Day weekend and now there will be two new episodes airing every Sunday night on National Geographic at 10/9 pm CT.

In each half-hour episode of BREAKING BOBBY BONES, Bones pursues his own mantra—Fight. Grind. Repeat.—by traveling to far-flung destinations across the country to find people with unique jobs, skills, hobbies and abilities. Upon arrival, he meets local everyday heroes who challenge him to conquer (or at least attempt) the tricks of their trades while exploring the triumphs and tragedies that made these heroes who they are today. Through their joint experiences, viewers come along for the ride learning what it’s like to become a tenacious stunt performer, kayak a river blindfolded and play para sled hockey. It’s an action-packed celebration of Americans who work hard, play hard and, above all, take pride in everything they do.

First up this Sunday at 10/9 pm CT. Bobby heads to Lake Tahoe to meet Josh, a tree removal specialist who focuses on fire prevention. To help keep the forest healthy, Josh challenges Bobby to climb a 100-foot tree and cut it down one section at a time with a chainsaw. Then he heads back to his home turf in Nashville, where he meets Bryan, an expert animal trapper who removes unwelcome critters from attics and crawlspaces and safely returns them to the wild. Bobby finds that catching the raccoons, opossums and skunks hiding in people’s homes is harder, scarier and stinkier than he ever imagined

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