The season's first snowfall is expected Thursday night into Friday here in the Gem state. Yes, it's still officially summer but we're about to see some major temperature and weather changes.

Don't worry it's not here in the valley and it's a far cry from the Snowpocalypse we had last winter.  Not to say that we won't have that again but let's hope not.  Knock on wood.  We'll just see rain here in the Boise area but up in the mountains, the white stuff is back.

The mountain areas of Borah Peak are expected to get snow Thursday, Friday, and maybe some through the weekend.  Temperatures are dropping significantly across the entire state of Idaho with Boise getting highs in just the 60's late this week.

We've all been waiting for it.  As Keith Urban says... "It's been a Long Hot Summer" and we're ready for some change.  Grab the pants, long sleeves, turn off the air condition and enjoy.

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