The heavy snow caused ODOT to shut down I-84 late last night for safety reasons.  Too many crashes, slide offs and dangerous situations had been occurring and the snow has just kept piling on.  There's been no room for truckers to pull over an wait it out which is another reason ODOT made the decision to just shut everything down.

According to KTVB the closure is on I-84 from Pendleton to La Grande was eventually stretched out through Ontario.

ODOT's allowing small vehicles through at different times when it looks as if they can safely pass.  Sand and deicer are being applied where necessary to help get the roads into working order but Mother Nature is pretty much in charge at this point.  Even though snow continues to fall, roads should be open and safe to travel sometime this morning.

For me, I'm bunked up in my nice, little Boise home with warm temperatures, a hot meal, some tv on, and enjoying my last day of the weekend.

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