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Found this on my car this morning. I don’t get it and who’s creeping on me and my house?

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Lunchbox lives his life on the wild side and some things he does on The Bobby Bones Show cause some controversy.

A few weeks back Lunchbox watched the movie Cuties on Netflix and gave it a pretty rock solid review, despite all of the controversy around it. That movie review left a lot of listeners upset with Lunchbox for watching a movie that they believed was really wrong. Some of the listeners never got over it. And now Lunchbox is headed to the Villisca Axe Murder House next week to stay the night as a segment on the show.

Apparently some listeners think it's karma that Lunchbox has to go stay at the Axe Murder House where 7 people were murdered several decades ago. Someone left a sign on Lunchbox's car while it was outside of his house. It's hard to tell if the sign was meant to be a joke or if someone is genuinely threatening Lunchbox. They wrote on the sign "Cuties... Villisca Axe Murder House Too!!!!" with a bunch of witch hats labeled with numbers 1 through 8. The number 8 had a question mark by it like Lunchbox was going to get harmed at the murder house during his stay.

Lunchbox has no idea who left the sign and no one on the show claims to have done it. Some suggest it's the neighbors he called the cops on for their non-socially distanced party. Others believe it could be a pretty mean listener of the show.

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