Over a month agoLunchbox read a story about a young girl sending up a balloon with her wishes written on a note inside it. Someone found her balloon and granted all of her wishes.

So Lunchbox decided that he wanted to attempt the same thing to get his wishes granted. He wrote on a note asking for someone to get him some of these things and send it to him. He wished for scratch off lottery tickets, a house keeper, a personal chef, a Lambo and a boat. He signed the letter, wrote his address and let go of his wish balloon in front of the studio.

Since letting it go on January 19th, we didn't hear anything for over a month and definitely thought the balloon had just vanished. Turns out Joe in Rome, Georgia found Lunchbox's balloon and he sent Lunchbox a package! The package contained a note and four items. He wrote that he couldn't give Lunchbox exactly what he wanted, but he tried his best. In the package, he included a toy boat, Hot Wheels Lambo, monopoly money, and a scratch off lottery ticket.

While it may not have been exactly what Lunchbox was hoping for, he laughed noting that the guy took the time to do all of that and it was pretty clever.

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