KIVI TV reports that around 9:45 this morning shots were fired in the 2500 block of Silver Leaf Way in North Meridian.  Police immediately responded, found a man who they believed to be the suspect in someone's backyard and it looked as if he was firing bullets into the air.

The first person to call the cops was a woman inside the home who was obviously frightened and wasn't taking any chances.  The man entered the home and locked the doors.  He and the woman inside did know each other but we don't have exact details as to what their relationship was or is.

The Meridian Police Department surrounded the house urging the man to put down his gun and come out in a peaceful manner.  It took police a good hour to finally talk the man into coming out and be taken into custody.  Fortunately nobody was hurt before, during or after the stand-off occurred.

The surrounding neighborhoods were all blocked off and residents were told to stay in their homes as the stand-off took place.  Big props to the Meridian Police Department and all of the first responders that defused a possible tragic situation and did what was necessary to bring this man in and keep everyone safe in the process.

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