Last year, we shared with you that Idaho would be the latest target for a restaurant chain backed by an NFL legend and former Super Bowl MVP.

Since then, we haven't seen anything going up yet franchises like In-N-Out had no issues getting up and running in that time.

What happened?

Walk-On's Bistreaux, Coming To Idaho...?

It was revealed last year that former NFL great, Drew Brees would bring a "taste of Louisiana to Idaho" in the form of Walk-On's Bistreaux, a sports and Louisiana-themed restaurant.

At the time of the press release, Walk-On's said they were operating 75 locations across 13 states and were looking to continue that growth in Idaho.

Their targets at the time included Boise, Meridian/Nampa, and a possible third location in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, or Coeur d'Alene.

But - to understand what Walk-On's is, you must know Walk-On's.

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Looks good, right? So - what happened?

We searched what felt like every corner of the internet for an update and couldn't find any press releases or updates on the locations for Idaho.

We did, however, search Walk-On's franchising page and while we didn't find a detailed update, we did notice Idaho was still on their radar - literally.

Google Maps/
Google Maps/

It appears that Walk-On's Bistreaux is still looking to set up shop in Idaho and it even looks as if they settled on their final three locations - something we didn't know about when we got their initial press release.

According to the map from Walk-On's Bistreaux, those three locations are Eagle, Meridian, and Idaho Falls - Boise didn't (technically) make the final cut.

Will we see construction for Walk-On's Bistreaux in any of those locations soon? Only time will tell, but if anyone can get them to the finish line, it's Drew freaking Brees.

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