Just another reason for me not to put myself out there on dating apps. The STD rates are skyrocketing in Idaho. You will not believe these statistics.

Cases of syphilis have increased by 300% here in Idaho over the last five years. According to The Pew Research Center, this number correlates with the fact that the usage of dating apps have tripled since 2013. Pretty shocking correlation.

According to KTVB the problem is that these dating apps create an environment for casual sexual encounters. Think about it. You are meeting up with someone you don't know. Gone are the days when your friend sets you up with someone they know. We hear all too often about the lies, the old or altered pictures, the misinformation that is thrown out when trying to date online.

This is not to say that many people have successfully found love and even long-lasting love, but you have to be careful.

This same study shows that Chlamydia is the most common STD for people between 20 and 24. Gonorrhea is also on the rise. So now you know, be careful out in that dating world and I think I may be a-okay just being by myself for a little while!