Did you know target shooting is the second leading human cause of fires? It's true, and it's something the Bureau of Land Management officials want you to be especially careful of when you're target shooting on BLM land.

According to KTVB, BLM Fire Investigator, Bob Stroud says "Sometimes a piece of a bullet shaves off, and it's hot enough and the humidity is low enough that, that can ignite a piece of grass."

To help prevent a potentially disastrous wildfire in our area, BLM has restricted the use of certain types of ammunition from now until October 20. The ban applies to the following: exploding targets incendiary ammunition, tracer ammunition, and steel core ammunition.

There are other things you can have handy if you're going to make your way to do a little shooting. Jared Jablonski, fire information officer for the Boise District BLM tells KTVB: "we would really like to see people have water with them and a shovel, potentially a fire extinguisher, so if something does start they can maybe get it put out before it gets established as a large fire."

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