Did you know? Idaho has about 6,000 unfilled jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sectors? With about 1,5000 of those jobs specifically in computing! So, you're thinking, "why do I care? I don't have a degree in technology." Well, you could...and soon. According to Boise Weekly, a coding company is expanding to Boise to offer courses in software development.

Coding Dojo is a national technology training company with offices all over the U.S. and online, and with a boost in technology growth in Idaho, they've decided to open a campus in the City of Trees.

According to Coding Dojo's website, the reason they chose Boise is, specifically, because of the tech growth. "In the last decade alone, Idaho has seen a 61% rise in the number of high-tech companies."

So, what exactly does this company offer? According to Boise Weekly, they offer what's called a "fast track" to tech certifications through a 14-week curriculum they refer to as "bootcamp courses." The company also plans to partner with the Idaho Department of Labor to provide an apprenticeship program to their students that would place their graduates in six months of work experience with one of Boise's tech companies.

The first courses will begin on January 22 with an application deadline of January 17. If you're interested in applying, CLICK HERE to get more info!


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