The end of the pandemic has brought a lot of shows to the Treasure Valley. Idahoans love a good concert, and we're seeing many world-famous celebrities entertain us. However, sometimes these out-of-town folks seem to think that Boise is Idaho. In other words, they may be performing in Nampa, but they'll thank Boise. 

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Recently Donnie Walhberg of New Kids on The Block made that mistake when he thanked his fans at the Ford Idaho Center this week. The Ford Idaho Center is in Nampa, not Boise. Sadly, Mr. Walhberg thanked everyone in 'Boise' for being the best audience on tour. He went on to say that the group loves Boise. Too bad Mr. Wahlberg was in Nampa, not Boise.  

If you don't believe that is a point of contention, ask anyone in Nampa what they think of Boise and vice versa. Is it asking too much of anyone getting paid to entertain folks in Nampa to get the name of the city they're performing in, right? It's not the Village at Boise; it's the Village in Meridian.  

How would the New Kids on The Block were referred to as The Backstreet Boys?  Details matter and let's hope that if the Kids come back to Idaho they figure out which city they're performing in.   As we all know, Boise is not Idaho and Idaho is not Boise.

The good news is that everyone who saw the show in NAMPA had a great time.

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