There's something about being able to deliver delicious ingredients to your mouth inside of a warm tortilla. Yes, I'm talking about the burrito! It's one of my favorite items to order at a restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if there's a burrito, I'm getting it. The fact that there's no silverware needed, depending on the type of burrito, of course. Even though I love a wet burrito, there's nothing like having a meaty, cheesy, beany, and veggie burrito you can deliver right to your mouth. 

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I remember being a kid and my dad being a meat and potato guy. When he made burritos, it was just meat, cheese, and beans. Do you remember having your first burrito? What ingredients do you like to have in your burrito? 

April 6th is National Burrito Day, and there it's been a long journey for the burrito. 

The oldest historical mention of a burrito appears in the "Dictionary of Mexicanisms" in 1895. The modern burritos originated near Fresno and Stockton, California, before appearing on menus in the 1930s. Breakfast burritos became a thing in 1975 by Tia Sophia in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Shayne L./Yelp
Shayne L./Yelp

Did you know Taco Bell didn't introduce its breakfast burrito until 2014? 

 Another fun fact is that the largest burrito ever made weighed 12,785.576 pounds. So if you want to celebrate National Burrito Day with the best in Boise, you're in luck. So we compiled a list of The 10 Best Burritos in Boise and Meridian with the help of Tripadvisor. 

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